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UC500 Series Connection Setup with a PC through Cisco Configuration Assistant


The Cisco Configuration Assistance (CCA) is a graphical user interface (GUI) provided by Cisco to make the configuration of devices that do not have a built-in GUI easier. Configuration with command line interface can be extremely difficult to learn and use effectively without a formal education. This article explains how to establish a connection from PC to a UC500 Series Unified Communications device through the CCA.

Note: Download the Cisco Configuration Assistance from the Cisco website before you connect the device.

Applicable Devices

• UC500 Series Device

Software Version

• 8.6.1 [ Firmware version ]
• 15.1(4)M4b-ADV-IP-SERV-CRYPTO [ IOS Version- UC560 ]
• 15.1(4)M5-ADV-IP-SERV-CRYPTO [ IOS Version- UC540 ]
• 3.2(3) [ Cisco Configuration Assistant ]

Initial Configuration

Step 1. Connect an Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port on your PC to one of the PC/EXP ports on the front panel of the UC500 Series device.

Note: Verify that your PC is set to use DHCP in order to automatically obtain an IP address.

Step 2. Click on add a new site. The Create New Customer Site window appears.

Step 3. Enter the desired user name of the in the Name field.

Step 4. Enter the device description in the Description field for the new customer site.

Step 5. (Optional) If you want to change the connections then click Connection Options. For configuration of connections options go to Connection Options.

Step 6. Under add devices to site choose how to enter the device IP address.

• Click the radio button to enter the IP address in the Specify a Device IP Address field.

• Click the radio button to choose a option from the Discover Devices drop-down list.

– Starting IP Address — Enter the starting IP address in the Starting IP address field.

– On a Subnet — Enter the starting IP address and the subnet mask address in their respective fields.

– Range of IP Address — Enter the starting and ending IP address in their respective fields.

Step 7. Click Start to discover the devices with in the IP addresses range.

Step 8. A new window appears. Enter the username and password for the UC device in the appropriate fields and click OK.

Note: The default username is cisco and the default password is cisco.

Step 9. Once the UC device has been discovered successfully the status is displayed as Discovered in the Status field. Click OK to confirm the changes.

Step 10. After the site name is created, choose the site name we assigned for the UC500 device the list. Click Connect to configure the device.

Connection Options

Note: HTTPS Port field gives the information about the port used for HTTPS.

Step 1. Enter an HTTP port number in the HTTP port field.

Step 2. Choose the Access Mode to discover devices and connect to the customer site for the first time. The default is Read-only if you are already connected to site.

• Read/Write — It is to read the configuration and change the configurations on the device.

• Read-only — It is to read only the configurations and you can choose the level from which you want start from level drop-down list.

Step 3. Click OK to save your settings.

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